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How to Manage your Hair for Spring 2019

Spring has sprung! Is your hair ready? 

As the warm weather slowly creeps upon us, the time to try a fresh new look is nye. Easter is the perfect excuse to start new with your hair. From pastels to baby-lights, it’s an opportunity to add some color to your life. Blues, pinks, purples, white highlights, and short bobs are all in season! Are you up to date with this spring’s latest trends? If not, here’s a little something to give you some inspiration.

Spring Trends 2019:

White - blonde highlights

Adding some white - blonde highlights will get you ready for that sun kissed look for the summer, or add some brightness to compliment the warming of the weather!

Pony lights:

Pony lights will give you a subtle change, but equally as satisfying. It’s never been a better time for this feathered ombre 

Bold pink:

A bright and daring pink will set you apart from all the rest this spring! Adding this splash of color will give you a youthful glow, and bring out your inner peep

Copper Penny:

Bright colors or blondes not doing it for you, but you still need a new, refreshing color? Try a beautiful copper color. It’s always in style and will never fail to give you a beautiful warm glow.

Solid Brunette:

Have darker features? Highlights just not fitting you right? Try a solid brunette color to accent your natural beauty, and frame your face this spring. 

Baby Blonde:

Blonde, blonde, blonde! When is a beautiful blonde not in style? This natural look will rejuvenate your spring senses, without being too in-your-face.


Looking for something sleek and sexy? Or cool and professional? Silver is always a staple to make a statement!

Curly Bangs:

Have curly hair, want bangs, but never found the right time? Well the time is now! This look is cute and will add a young touch to any haircut!

Blunt Bob:

Blunt bobs never fail to make a bold statement. This cut frames your face and adds a sleek and sexy feel.

70’s Shag:

The 70’s are back baby! Turn some heads with this messy, I-woke-up-like-this look! Shag will give off a fun and care - free look for the warmer months

Curtain Bangs:

Love the look of bangs but cant commit to the blunt lines? Try out a curtain bang! It will add some fullness and draw attention to your eyes.

French Chic:

This combo of bob and bangs will surely make you feel alive and care free this spring! Frame your face, take some weight off and enjoy the cool breeze with this beautiful look

Baby Bangs:

Bangs, bangs and more bangs! This spring is all about a beautiful banged out look. If you’re looking for a more edgy, alternative style baby bangs are a great addition to your style. 

Shaggy Pixie Cut: 

As the days grow warmer, hair gets shorter! Fun and carefree, this look will make you appear more mature, and highlight your beautiful natural features.

Written by Ash Niznansky

Stop Picking at Split Ends!

Who hasn’t experienced split ends before? Don’t they make you crazy? Don’t you want to take small scissors and start cutting them off one by one? But I have a better solution for you if you are willing to take 3 minutes of your daily time to treat your hair the way it deserves.

You know that when you start picking your hair ends you are causing the hair to become more fragile and thinner than what it was. Later on when hair is exposed to harsh chemicals it can break or burn it direct heat is applied to it. when blow drying.

Therefore, I will be giving you mini-steps to follow in order to diminish and control split ends on your hair. These are easy and safe solutions you can get done quickly in the comfort of your home.

When the outer layer gets damage it will be exposing the inner layer of your hair and when this happens is because hair is lacking its keratin which is the main component hair is made of.

Drench your hair with enough nutrients so it can start repairing itself. A powerful keratin based hair mask will definitely help to infuse protein and oils back to the hair.

Always use a heat protectant spray or any moisturizing solution before blow drying hair. Biolage Blue Agave is a great adds shine and moisturizes hair giving it a healthier look.

When is time, don’t be afraid to have a little hair trim. The hair will feel brighter and softer and even more thick than ever before.

Change hair color if it is too light or to brassy. Go with softer tones such as using a demi-permanent colors instead of permanent colors. The former will allow make it look more shiny and nourished than regular color.