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Hair Color Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Wedding

Hair Color Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Wedding: 

It is recommended you start planning six months or more prior to your big day. Consulting with a your colorist will avoid mistakes, and provides time to work out your ideas and keep your hair looking healthy, and beautiful. Though, if you’ve picked a stylist with experience and prior knowledge to your hair, you’re more likely to avoid those heart breaking mistakes and are likely in good hands. 

Drastic Changes:

On your wedding day, you want to look like your true, beautiful self. You don’t want to look through your wedding photos years later and regret the decisions you made for your hair. It’s a night you want to remember for the rest of your life. Try to avoid making too drastic of a change to your hair, to steer clear from haunting your memory with a bad hair day.  Stay true to your color, or style.

Switching Your Stylist:

If you get your hair colored regularly chances are, you already frequent a particular hair stylist. If you don’t have a regular colorist, try to find one as soon as you get engaged. Doing this will provide you the time to get to know your stylist, and for them to get to know your hair. Color is a tricky trade, and the better your stylist knows your hair the less room there is for a mistake. Start planning your hair color at least six months in advance and consult your stylist with your ideas. The more communication there is between you, the better off you are. Giving yourself this time to plan will take a lot of weight off your shoulders and takes away the panic before your big day. (You’ve got enough to worry about!)

Poor Appointment Planning: 

Planning is a huge part of your wedding day. Why should your hair be any different? It’s a good idea to get together with your stylist and discuss your plan. Figuring out what to do and when, and how long it will take. Doing so will help you avoid over-doing it and risking the damage of your hair.

Neglecting a Full: 

If you regularly get highlights, keeping up with them before your wedding day is key. If you’re partial, to receiving a partial, it’s recommended that you try a full. Getting a full foil will provide a seamless look on your big day, adding a beautiful variety of color to your hair. It will keep you from showing any dark spots, or root-age. Doing so will take some planning, making sure they don’t waste their money on a service right beforehand. 

DIY Color:

Doing your own color is highly advised against, even if you’re a professional. Even with a routine at-home color kit its strongly suggested you see a professional. At-home color doesn’t include new hues, or highlights of any kind. If money is an issue, speaking to your new or frequent stylist will help you figure out just what exactly you can achieve with your budget. When you try to do your own color, you risk messing up; in turn costing you more money, time, and effort. 

Lack of planning; Extensions & Color Matching:

More often than not, the bride will want long, beautiful, flowing hair for their big day. Though not planning and thinking through your process may just cause a nightmare. Planning months in advance will help you avoid such disasters. From clip ins, to tape ins, you and your stylist need to go over how to maintain your extensions and keep them clean and beautiful. Failing to take care of your extensions can cost you and arm and a leg, not to mention your time. It’s advised you buy the hair in advance with your stylist to ensure your extensions will fit your needs. 

Written by Ash Niznansky