What to do When You Break a Pyrex Dish?

It was hot, and it touched the cold water!

This happened to me meanwhile I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

I was so busy that I did not realize I had the electric stove on and the pyrex was on top of the hot surface.

As soon as cold water touched it shattered in pieces.

But what to do next when this happens?

I usually grab the largest shards with gloved hands. I have to say that this pair of gloves have been my company when I am in the kitchen.

I use them for cleaning around the house, for washing dishes, and for scrubbing pans. They are made of waterproof-durable vinyl with a soft cotton lining inside. The ones I used I bought them at William Sonoma about two years ago and they are still like new. At first, they may feel a little uncomfortable but as you wear them more often you will get used to them.

Going back to the shattered glass and how to clean:

I always clean the large pieces first.

Then, I used a paper towel to clean the rest STILL with my gloves on.

I set a paper bag on the side where i dispose all shattered pieces in it.

When finished, I place everything inside a sealed plastic bag before disposing of it in the garbage.

Any small remaining pieces, should be gathered with a duct tape according to Melissa Maker author of Clean My Space.