Relaxing Facials

Pamper and Plump Up Your Skin with Our Best Anti-Aging Treatment and Facials

Signature Facial      

60 minutes: $130
We will start this facial by giving you a professional skin analysis.  Deep pore cleansing is given using the rotatory facial brush. Then we will perform gentle extractions if it is needed and continue with a customized-vitamin reach mask.  This is left for 10-15 minutes and a neck, shoulder and arm massage will follow.  Warm towel will be placed on your feet and deep stretching of the calf muscles will be given as well.  We will finish this facial with our rich formula moisturizing day cream which and a hypoallergenic SPF sunscreen.

Express or Mini Facial

30 minutes: $75

It is designed for clients who are on the go or want to receive a facial between services as when the color is processing. We will clean, tone and exfoliate your skin in 30 minutes.  The skin will have a glow after it is over.  We will send you home with a moisturizing cream sample.

Glycolic Facial

30 minutes: $150

This facial helps brighten and tone uneven skin damaged by sun exposure, environment, or other unwanted conditions. It is a delicate and gentle treatment to preserve the delicate skin balance.

Oily and Problem Skin

45 minutes: $155

It will focus on deep pore cleansing techniques, reducing the appearance of oily skin. It will leave the skin feeling more relaxed and less congested.

Hydra Facial

50-60 minutes: $145

This facial will provide more hydration and moisture to the skin. Ingredients in this treatment will help replace skin moisture and pH balance, leaving the skin with a brighter appearance.

Mature Skin Facial

60 minutes: $150

It will help make skin appear smoother and firmer and is specifically designed to lift mature skin. 

Opti-Firm Treatment

30 minutes: $85
This treatment will reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness to create a more youthful look around the contour of the eyes.

Pumpkin Peel

Add on 5 minutes: $45

This peel is a great solution for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  It will help reducing acne and pore size because of the powerful effects of Vitamin A present in the treatment.

Blueberry Peel

Add on 5 minutes: $55

This peel is a great solution for aging skin restoring some of the lost collagen and skin firmness.  Blueberries are powerful antioxidants helping with collagen production in the skin.  It will plum the skin and make it look younger and radiant.