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Know your Products-Love Your Hair!

No matter what service you have done, you should always have the products to match. Hairdressers love to be needed but it’s important that we educate you to our best ability to help you maintain your style while at home. Here are just some of the products we have available to help you do so.

Color Care:

  • Vitamino A-Ox:

    • For color treated hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who wants an insurance policy on their hair color

    • Did You Know?:

      • 58% of women color their hair

    • Ingredients:

      • Vitamin E

      • Vitamin B5

    • What it Does:

      • Protects fiber to maintain color and shite

      • Formulated with UV filters

      • Leaves hair softer and shinier

  • Silver:

    • For white, silver, or blonde hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who wants to neutralize brassy tones in their colored or natural white, silver, or blonde hair

    • Did You Know?:

      • Purple shampoos are having a moment. The Google search for “Purple Shampoos” has increased 50% in the last year!

    • Ingredients:

      • Gloss protect system

      • Amino Acids

      • Anti-Yellowing Agents

    • What it does:

      • Neutralizes unwanted yellow tones with violet micro-pigments

      • Enhances shine with a natural sheen

      • Softens hair

  • Lumino Contrast:

    • For highlighted hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who is looking for color protection and damage repair

    • Did You Know?:

      • Twice as many women get their hair highlighted in the salon than do it themselves at home

    • Ingredients:

      • Vitamin E

      • Nutriceride

    • What it Does:

      • Formulated with UV filters

      • Makes highlights look brighter and shinier

      • Combats lipid loss without weighing the hair down

      • Replenishes the hair fiber

      • Formulated with Nutriceride to compliment Blond Studio Platinum

Nourishment & Repair:

  • Nutrifier:

    • For normal to dry, undernourished hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who needs deep drink of hydration, regardless of texture

    • Did You Know?:

      • Dry hair is a concern for ⅓ women

    • Ingredients:

      • Glycerol

      • Coconut oil

      • Silicone- free

    • What it Does:

      • Deeply nourishes and softens

      • Adds enhanced shine

  • Absolut Repair Lipidium:

    • For very dry, damaged hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who loves trying the latest trend...regardless of what it does to their hair

    • Did You Know?:

      • ½ of women claim to have very damaged or ultra damaged hair

    • Ingredients:

      • Lactic Acid

      • Phyto-Keratin + Ceramides

      • Lipids

    • What it Does:

      • Strengthens the weakened parts of the hair fiber

      • Adds intense nourishment without weighing the hair down

Texture Management:

  • Liss Unlimited:

    • For coarse and unruly hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who wants smooth or defined texture

    • Did You Know?:

      • 22% of women suffer from frizz

    • Ingredients:

      • Keratinoil Complex

      • Kukui Nut Oil

      • Evening Primrose Oil

    • What it Does:

      • Smoothes hair and controls frizz, whether wearing textured or smooth hair

      • Adds softness and shine

      • Double serum provides up to 4 days of smooth hair

  • Volumentary:

    • For fine hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who wants big, bouncy hair that lasts

    • Did You Know?:

      • 28% of Americans look for volumizing products while 19% look for thickening hair products

    • Ingredients:

      • Salicylic Acid

      • Intra-Cylane

      • HydraLight

    • What it Does:

      • Removes buildup at the scalp

      • Creates a volumizing effect


  • Inforcer:

    • For normal to fragile hair

    • The Ideal Client:

      • The client who is prone to breakage, especially from blow-drying, ironing, or with age

    • Did You Know?:

      • Prevention to damage and breakage is a growing concern. 53% of women (of all ages) are interested in haircare products that offer anti-aging benefits, such as reduced hair loss and strength

    • Ingredients:

      • Vitamin B6

      • Biotin

    • What it Does:

      • Strengthens the hair fiber

      • Reduces future breakage

      • Prevents tangling

      • Adds softness and shine

How to Use Dry Shampoo!

The Best Way to Use Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo!

If you do it right, this product will keep your hair looking amazing for long days without the need to use wet shampoo.

The Morning After Dust by L’Oreal Professionnel is one of my favorite product and it is one we should all have in our beauty counter at home.

When I have my hair consultation with my new clients at Westport Hair & Co, CT some of the key questions to ask are:

How many times a week do you wash your hair?

How oily or dry is your hair between washes?

Many of them respond they wash their hair 2-3 times a week while others say they wash their hair only one time a week. The latter is because they say it takes them too long for their hair to dry, especially in the winter season, or they don’t have that extra morning time when they are in the shower.

Don’t you feel the same way?

Yes, I totally get it. We don’t have that extra time and that is why many times we don’t bother washing our hair during the week and we have to walk with oily/ greasy hair, which makes us feel awkward!

My solution for you and my lovely clientele is to send them home with the amazing Morning After Dust Dry Shampoo from L’Oreal Professionnel.

But your question may now be how do I use this dry shampoo?

Well, it is very easy if you follow my steps and you will be glad about the results it gives to your hair.

It is important to section hair at least 4 inches wide.

Hold Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo can 8 inches away from scalp and spray 1 inch from the scalp. This step prevents the dry shampoo from accumulating too much on top of your crown.

Now massage the dry shampoo throughout and by doing this you will remove any oil or dirt build up you may have in your roots and hair. This will spread the shampoo even more and it will add some volume to your hair.

Brush hair with the Wet Brush, one of my other favorite hair brushes to use in my salon company, throughout from roots to ends. Brushing your hair with the Wet Brush will help eliminating any residue left in the hair.  This will leave hair cleaner and more bouncy. 

This technique will be very helpful when a regular shampoo is not present but we always recommend shampooing your hair to preserve healthy hair strands.