Best Styling Products and Tools for Frizzy Hair

 Do you get overwhelmed because your hair does not look sleek and shiny as when you leave the salon?

Many of our guests would say their arms hurt, or they do not have the patience and time to do it right. They complain of getting unruly or frizzy hair a few minutes after they do it.

Proper styling tools and hair care products can make a significant impact on the longevity of the hairstyle.

Here are a few tips when blow-drying hair at home and when you try to do it yourself:

Start by using the shampoo and conditioner your hairstylist has recommended for you to use on your last visit to the hair salon. My clients all use Serie Expert Shampoo and Conditioner Products from L'Oreal Professionnel. I would customize accordingly to their needs. These hair care products offer excellent heat and color protection for our color clients. We also have shampoo and conditioner that add extra volume for clients with thin hair.

Drying the hair should be done with a microfiber towel because it will dry hair faster and will diminish the amount of frizz.

Adding a heat protectant spray should always be used before applying any direct heat to the hair. One of my favorite heat protectant sprays I use most often at is Vitamino 10-in-One. This product is excellent for detangling hair, and for adding shine. Also, it provides heat protection against curling iron, straight iron, and blowdryers. Our clients love the softness it adds to their hair. They say it makes it easier for them to wrap their hair around their Olivia Garden Round or Square Brush they have bought at the salon.

All these qualities are great when trying to blow dry hair at home because it will help control frizz.

The dryer to use also has a significant impact on the hair outcome. One of my favorite blowdryers is the Babyliss Volare Dryer . This dryer has ionic properties which help diminish frizzy hair. They are low in weight, so it is ideal for people with shoulder problems.

Once the hair has been blow-dry, let it cool down and spray it with a light hold spray to control the static and flyaways. Another of my favorite hair spray to use is Infinium 3 Medium Hold from L'Oreal Professionnel. This spray is great because it adds a finished look to your hairstyle and you can still run your fingers through your beautiful hair once is done.